Hot Mix Asphalt Pavements for Trails and Paths

NAPA | Noise, Safety, Sustainability

Hot Mix Asphalt Surface Characteristics Related to Ride, Texture, Friction, Noise and Durability

McDaniel, R.S., A. Shah, T. Dare, R. Bernhard | Noise

How to Increase RAP Usage and Ensure Pavement Performance

NAPA | Construction, Noise, Pavement Technologies, Safety, Smoothness, Sustainability

NCHRP Report 738: Evaluating Pavement Strategies and Barriers for Noise Mitigation

Donavan, P.R., L.M. Pierce, D.M. Lodico, J.L. Rochat, H.S. Knauer | Noise

NCHRP Synthesis of Highway Practice 268: Relationship Between Pavement Surface Texture and Highway

Wayson, R.L. | Noise

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