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HMA Pavement Mix Type Selection Guide

The HMA Pavement Mix Type Selection Guide provides designers with methods for selecting appropriate mix types while considering factors such as traffic, environment, subsurface pavement structure, existing pavement condition and preparation, and economics. The pavement mix types targeted are Open-Graded Friction Courses (OGFC), Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA), and fine- and coarse-graded dense mixes. The Guide combines the selection criteria for these different pavement mix types into one document.

To develop this document, information was obtained from a combination of literature reviews, current State DOTllocal government practices, and from an expert task group (ETG) of pavement experts, knowledgeable in the HMA industry, from private and public organizations. The experts represented different geographical areas of the country and were jointly selected for their expertise and perspectives in the topic of pavement mix types by the Federal Highway Administration (FHW A) and the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA). The group identified the pertinent pavement mix type selection details during a technical workshop held in April 2000 at the NAPA offices in Lanham, Maryland.

This document consists of guidelines for maximizing the effectiveness of SMA, OGFC, fine- and coarse-graded dense mixes to ensure the success of each. This Guide is not intended to cover every situation that will be encountered. However, its purpose is to provide a valuable reference tool to both pavement designers and field personnel. It represents a joint product by FHW A and NAPA.

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