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Hot Mix Asphalt for High Stress Applications

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) is used as a pavement surface for all types of traffic requirements. Applications include low-volume roads, high-volume roads, airfields, bus lanes, toll booths, intersections, and industrial areas. Not only does traffic vary widely, Hot Mix Asphalt pavements must also perform in weather extremes ranging from very hot desert in the Southwest, to very cold weather in the North- east and Midwest. Each different application places different demands on the pavement and requires some minimum properties for satisfactory performance.

One of the most important requirements for good mix performance is rut resistance. Ruts may occur in HMA if the mixture is improperly designed or constructed. A rut is defined as a depression in the wheelpath of an HMA pavement.

For given weather conditions, there are two main factors which affect rutting. The first factor is the number of heavily loaded trucks: the more trucks, the more resistance to rutting is required.The second factor is the speed of traffic: pavements carrying slow moving or stopped traffic require more rut resistance than pavements carrying fast moving traffic. Therefore, asphalt mixes used in intersections,

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